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About Passive House

The driving force behind the Passive House movement has been to significantly reduce the energy required to heat and operate a house or other building while still maintaining a comfortable & healthful environment that is also affordable.  Passive House is not a specific type of building like straw bale or earth sheltered.  It can be built with normal stick frame construction, or Structurally Insulated Panels, or some other method, as long as that method meets the prescribed requirements of Passive House.

There are only a few Passive House requirements to be met, but they are strict.

  • The project must use no more than 15kwh/m2/yr for heating.
  • There is a limit of 120kwh/m2/yr for primary energy sources including heating, hot water, & electricity.
  • The project must pass a blower door test of .6ACH @50 pascal pressure

As a way to relate this to a traditional house that can use 160kw/m2/yr for heating (or more), you can see that Passive House aims to be about 90% more efficient.  Additional Information on Passive House Construction:

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