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Passive House Projects is now part of Passive House Central!

November 2, 2010

I have created a new Passive House Community on the internet where I have linked a dozen websites together, each with a different Passive House focus.  Passive House Projects (and all the information that you can find here) has moved to its very own website http://PassiveHouseProjects.US and has new information posted to it already.  In addition to that, you will see a link on the main page that says “Return to Passive House Central”.  That will take you to the center of the new Passive House website community where you can choose a destination based on your interest.  Each site has a return link to the PassiveHouseCentral page.  If you would like to go straight to the center, the address is http://PassiveHouseCentral.US – either way you are welcome to explore the community!  This wordpress blog site will not continue to be updated, so if you have bookmarked it, please be sure to update your bookmarks when you get to the new http://PassiveHouseProjects.US site! If you subscribed to this blog, please subscribe at the new website or send me an email to let me know you would still like to get notifications and I will copy your information to the new site.

See you there!


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