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The Mini-B Passive House – Small size is Big news for Passive House!

July 30, 2010

Mini Bungalow Passive House Backyard Cottage

See the details of the Mini-B project on its’ project page.

300sf of Passive House designed to be used as a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit within the city of Seattle.  Designed by Joe Giampietro, built at South Seattle Community College under the watchful eye of Frank Mestemacher, this little house is full of big promise.  The students at SSCC have done a wonderful job so far on the project.  It will soon be ready for transport to a location where it can be on display to the public for a while before being placed as a DADU somewhere in Seattle – and yes, that is how these will be produced in the future, built and then transported.

I have a very special request of everyone who visits this page – Joe would love your feedback about this project. As you look at the project info and pictures, please ask yourself how you would use this and how you would market it.  If you were going to visit the project during the public display time, would you rather see it in a central location, or set in someone’s backyard?  Should you visit the project, what kind of information are you wanting to have available to you and what other expectations would you have?  If you have additional questions or  thoughts about the project, you can either comment here or email Joe directly – there is a link on the project page.

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